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Winmart Group has been established by a team of likeminded NRI businessmen and professionals based in Kuwait. The Group has over 25 years of experience in the retail industry in Kuwait. We aim to open chain of supermarkets in small towns and cities of Kerala and neighboring states. Our mission is to help Non-Resident Indians (NRI) to have regular income and employment opportunities back home.

We are in the process opening of our first business venture in India at Erattupetta, Kottayam district – Winmart Supermarket - with the aim to deliver best quality and affordable merchandise to the communities we serve and at the same time provide a decent source of income to our investors.


Interested to be an investor?

How Can I be a Shareholder of Winmart Supermarket?
Winmart Group aims to help NRIs who wish to return to India and have a decent income back home. You can also be a part of our first venture in India - Winmart Supermarket - and our future business endeavors. You may submit your expression interest to be a share holder of the Winmart Supermarket Pvt. Ltd. by completing the online form available in the link here. Our representative will contact you for a meeting and will explain the details of the project. You may also contact us by email or mobile or whatsapp numbers provided in the “contact us” page of this website.
What Winmart Group has to Offer for NRI Community who are Facing Challenges of Nitakat and Nationalization in the Gulf Region?
Our objective is to develop sustainable community based business enterprises that can facilitate financial security of gulf returnees. We are planning to establish chain of supermarkets and other business ventures in various parts of Kerala and rest of India involving the NRI community from these regions. We will invest and provide required support and guidance for the success of these projects.
How Winmart Group will be Supporting Farmers?
Winmart Supermarket will be offering to its customers fresh and safe vegetables, fruits, fish and meat products directly collected from farmers. This will ensure farmers get decent returns for their hard-work, by avoiding middle-men. We will also provide farmers with opportunities to showcase and market their produce through our outlets.

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